You wish to buy a property?

Most often buying is an important act given the financial stakes it represents for each of us.

By choosing Home Clefs Properties you benefit from our local knowledge of the market, but also from our advice on everything from financing to building work, legal advice on how to become a home owner, the choice of investing in your own name or through a company...

Some choices can have serious consequences in many respects and we are here to provide you with information and advice to help you secure your purchase to best meet your objectives ("first-time buyers", primary or secondary residence, rental investment, tax exemption).

Respectful of your time, we strive to target the visits as well as possible so as not to disappoint you and, thanks to the search mandate, we can even bring your project to your side by extending our search to serious colleagues in order to increase your chances of finding your happiness.

Moreover, we accompany you in the offer to purchase and defend your interests all the better because we know your objectives perfectly well...

Don't hesitate to entrust us with your search in this context, you will save time and efficiency.

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